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Bianchi Specialissima RC 55 CM

Bianchi Specialissima RC 55 CM
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The Bianchi Specialissima RC was developed for some of the best athletes in the world to push the pace on the World Tour. It delivers a professional level of speed, aerodynamics, and lightweight efficiency so riders can perform on every part of a road race. Modern road courses are about much more than just a climbing stage or a sprint stage. Bikes need to be just as fast on the descent as on the climb and just as powerful on a flat. The Specialissima RC has evolved with today’s road racing to create an elite all-around road bike. There is no need to switch out your bike to accommodate a specific type or road. The Specialissima RC can do it all with the best of them.

This Bianchi Specialissima RC is one of the lightest road bikes on the market today. Fully built, the bike weighs just 6.6kg. This weight cut was achieved by redistributing some material from the rear to the front. The seat stays and chain stays are thinner than ever, allowing more to be used to make the head-tube more aerodynamically efficient. Everything on the bike has been optimized for minimal weight including the seat clamp and derailleur hanger. For the RC, even the paint was updated to save an extra 40 grams. This all leads to an incredible stiffness to weight ratio that has been mathematically proven to be faster than its predecessor on climbs. Compared to its predecessor, the Specialissima RC saves 8.7 seconds on a 6 percent 10km climb at 200 watts.

Lightweight no longer comes at the price of aerodynamics. The Bianchi Specialissima RC can top some pure aero bikes when it comes to efficiency and speed. On a flat road over 40km at 200 watts, this bike cuts 31.19 seconds compared to the previous model. On a 6 percent climb at 30km/hr, the aero nature of the Specialissima RC saves the rider 3.6 watts of effort. Adding to its aero performance in an integrated handlebar. This bar features a full carbon construction, weighs just 330 grams, and uses the same D-shaped profile as other tubes on the bike. The seat-post uses this same D-shape to manage wind around all parts of the bike.

Full integration and overall optimization take the Bianchi Specialissima RC to the next level. Reparto Corse, their top engineering branch, put their time into making this bike as fast as possible. Reparto Corse wheels along with a Reparto Corse cockpit and saddle are used to assure the bike operates as a singular system. This elite version of the Specialissima RC is equipped with a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 12-speed group-set for some of the most efficient electronic shifting in the world. The Bianchi Specialissima RC is one you will see on the World Tour and a bike that will bring out your absolute best.

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