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Ordinary Sunglasses Aren’t Good For Cycling…Here’s Why

There was a time, not too long ago, when few cyclists rode wearing special cycling eyewear. But, that all changed when Greg LeMond started winning Tour de Frances wearing cycling glasses. Cyclists everywhere started trying proper eye protection and discovered that, at the end of rides, they were less fatigued. These days, most cyclists would no sooner ride without cycling glasses than pedal without biking shorts or a helmet.

Optimum Eye Protection
Cycling eyewear cuts the ultraviolet rays that hurt and tire your eyes. And they also provide a shield against airborne objects thrown up from passing cars and other riders (as well as flying insects).
Cycling eyewear works as good as it looks!
Special Features
What's more, modern cycling glasses are lightweight so you hardly know you're wearing them. Temples and nosepieces include slip-resistant gripping materials so the shades stay in place even when you're riding on bumpy terrain or standing and working hard to get up a hill. And, the lenses and frames are built of impact-resistant plastics and metals, which can take a substantial amount of wear and tear without failing. What's more, the lenses and frames are built to direct cooling air to the face to reduce sweat so you're less likely to drip on the glasses. The breeze reduces fogging, too.

Like regular sunglasses, you'll find cycling eyewear in a wide range of designs and prices. There are even designs that accommodate prescription lenses. We can show you a selection of different eyewear models. We think if you try a pair, you'll enjoy riding even more. When shopping, keep in mind that a quality pair of cycling glasses could last ten or more years, so, get a pair with features and styling that you really like.

Safe Biking

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