Pinarello Dogma F10 - 2017

Pinarello Dogma F10
  • Color: 169 Asteroid Red Finish Black/Carbon Matte
  • Color: 905 Team Sky Finish Black Matte
  • Color: 165 Sideral White Finish Carbon/Matte White
  • Color: 170 BoB Finish Black/Matte Black/Gloss
  • Color: 166 Red Magma Finish Carbon/Matte Red/Gloss
  • Color: 168 Sulfur Yellow Finish Black/Matte Yellow Fluo
  • Color:
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In brief, the Dogma F10 frame is 6.3% lighter and 7% stiffer than Dogma F8. But there's much more to a high performance frame than weight and stiffness.
The in-depth aerodynamic analysis and the huge amount of data derived by the development of the Bolide HR and Bolide TT was used to improve aero performances of the new Dogma F10.

Concave Downtube
The down tube is one of the parts of the frame which has a significant influence on the aero performances. Because of its position, just behind the front wheel, and its dimensions (the more massive tube of the frame), it generates more that 15% of the overall drag of the frame. Therefore, intuitively, the reduction of its drag would improve also the overall drag.

The final design of the down tube leads to extraordinary results: the drag of the tube itself was reduced and, and the same time, the bottles’ drag decreases. The local variation of the drag, in the area between down tube, seat tube and bottles was reduced of 12.6%.

Fork Flap
The presence of the QR lever generates a big slipstream behind the dropout, with the consequence of increasing the drag. Modifying the shape of the dropout’s area, adding material where the slipstream is high, we were able to reduce it, decreasing the overall drag. Even if a small modification, this leads to a drag reduction of the fork up to 10%, because of its importance (data derived by the analysis of Bolide TT fork).

Tubing Design
Cross sections and shape of tubes, as much as the material’s choice, are very important to ensure stiffness and lightness. At the same time, as discussed above, it has a deep influence on the aerodynamics. Therefore, the final design of tubes is the optimal compromise between an aero shape and a stiff shape.

Think Asymmetric
Now, developing Dogma F10, we further developed this asymmetry of the frame, moving tubes even more on the right side. This new design further improved the overall performances of the bike, especially in terms stiffness.

Torayca T1100 1K Carbon
On Dogma F10, the main material used is Torayca T1100 1K, which ensures the highest tensile strength in the world. This choice contributes to increase the impact strength, to prevent breakages.

E-Link: the junction of new Shimano DuraAce Di2 (EW-RS910) will be integrated into the down tube, and easily accessible for adjustment and recharge;

Internal cable routing: housings and electronical cables pass internally through the frame, for better aerodynamics and aesthetics;

Think2 technology: the frame is compatible both for mechanical or electronical groupsets;

Internal battery: the battery is fixed inside the frame, for a better aerodynamics and aesthetics;

Integrated seatclamp: the Twin Force seatclamp, integrated into the frame, ensures low aero drag and a strong clamping of the seatpost.


Fork Flap
Concave down tube
Carbon Torayca T1100 1K
Asymmetric Frame
Italian thread BB
Tapered headset 1? 1/8 (upper) – 1? 1/2 (lower)
Think2 technology
Internal Cable Routing
Battery inside
Twin Force Closure 3 x Air
Flat Back Profile
25 mm tires fitting
820 g for raw frame, size 53


Frame The main material used is Torayca T1100 1K, which ensures the highest tensile strength in the world.
Fork Carbon Torayca T1100 1K. Fork Flap
Headset Tapered headset 1? 1/8 (upper) – 1? 1/2 (lower)
Rims N/A
Hubs N/A
Spokes N/A
Tires N/A
Crankset N/A
Chainwheel N/A
Bottom Bracket Italian thread BB
Chain N/A
Rear Cog(s) N/A
Handlebars N/A
Tape/Grips N/A
Stem N/A
Brakes N/A
Pedals N/A
Saddle N/A
Seat Post N/A
Seat Binder N/A
Accessories & Extras N/A
Weight 820 g for raw frame, size 53

* Subject to change without notice.