Kask Helmet Vertigo 2.0 White

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We freely admit that the first considerations some of us make when looking at helmets are about weight and aesthetics. With the Kask Vertigo 2. 0 Helmet, we can get away with that, because underneath its lightweight and good looks is a CPSC-certified safety net to catch us when we fall.

The Vertigo 2. 0 is built on an internal skeleton, which is then fleshed out with shock absorbing EPS foam. The skeleton helps the helmet from shattering under impact, and the inner layer of foam is melded with the outer, polycarbonate layer for an additional boost to structural integrity. The three components -- skeleton, foam, and shell -- work together to diffuse the forces of impact throughout the helmet, taking a beating so your head doesn't. Kask has also included reflective elements on the helmet to keep you visible in low-light conditions for crash prevention. In addition to the gel liner, the Vertigo 2. 0 uses Coolmax padding throughout. Coolmax uses channeled fibers to wick moisture from your head for cooling evaporation, so it contributes to a comfortable fit and temperature. The pads can also be removed for washing, but Kask gives them an antimicrobial treatment to help limit the amount of washing they need. 

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